A Made in Italy dream in a palette

Mako jewels take shape, element after element, thanks to the constant interweaving of creativity, passion and continuous research.

The tozzetti, the colors of the Amalfi Coast and the tradition of local artisans come together to give life to unique jewels.

Every single piece is conceived, designed and assembled with passion and dedication.

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The original collections of Mako jewels in Vietrese ceramics are characterized by craftsmanship, one of the oldest and most prestigious arts of the Salerno area.

In fact, every single piece is characterized by motifs and figures belonging to the fascinating Mediterranean culture, through the typical colors and style of the Amalfi Coast .

A production entirely decorated by expert craftsmen who guarantee an ideal harmony between past and future, between tradition and innovation, for an object with distinctive features.

Each piece is handmade: a true artisan product, a Made in Amalfi Coast, which has the sole purpose of enhancing the natural beauty through the sunshine of the coast.

“Each of us needs sunny jewels that make you feel unique”

The ceramic colors used derive from minerals and metals and are fired to give that crystalline effect and create real mini works of art.
Even with the colors there is a reference to the various shades that characterize the magical world of the coast: the blue of the sea, the yellow of the lemons of the Amalfi Coast, the lilac and pink of the flowers of the gardens of Ravello, the copper green and the red cardinal symbols of Vietri sul Mare .

Finally, some pieces are decorated with precious metals such as gold and platinum . These colors require a third firing, where the temperatures reached are different from those used for traditional colours, giving the ceramic greater prestige.